Submission deadline: May 1, 2020 (to Scholar One Manuscripts)

Publication: Jan/Feb 2021

Guest Editors: Geoffrey Fox, Pete Beckman, Terry Moore, Daniel Reed, Rosa Badia, Satoshi Matsuoka, Jack Dongara, and Barry Schneider

This is a call for papers for an upcoming special issue of Computing in Science & Engineering to be published in Jan/Feb 2021. The intersection of Big Data and Extreme Scale Computing (BDEC) is becoming more and more critical to scientific discovery. A series of international workshops entitled Big Data Extreme Computing have brought together a diverse set of disciplinary and computer scientists to examine how the interactions of high-end computing machines, the cloud, networks, storage, and what people are calling “edge and fog devices” (such as sensors) can be made to work together in a seamless way on the important science and technological problems confronting society. With massive amounts of data streaming in from all sorts of devices, interoperabilty and real standards will be required. The workshops have been designed to capture the necessary requirements of hardware, software, workflow, etc. to create what is needed to make this as painless as possible. The problem of how to draw out and express such requirements is an intellectual challenge in its own right. In addition to contributions from those who have attended the workshops, this special issue of CiSE  invites others to submit papers which would inform the community about the big data and extreme computing challenges facing you and to describe how your research can impact how BDEC will evolve in the future.

o    Architectural and platform challenges facing the convergence of big data and simulation

o    New and emerging deep learning and artificial intelligence applications in science and engineering

o    Use cases

o    Developing a common cyberinfrastructure

o    ML for HPC and HPC for ML

o    Cloud, edge and fog impacts on BDEC

Submission Guidelines

Please submit electronically to Scholar One Manuscripts by May 1, 2020, selecting the special-issue option “Big Data and Extreme Scale Computing: Creating a Shared Cyberinfrastructure for Science in a Data-Dominated World.”

When preparing your manuscript, please see the CiSE-specific author guidelines and the general author guidelines. Manuscripts should not exceed 7,200 words—including all main body, abstract, keyword, bibliography, biography, and table text—and 20 references. Each table and figure counts for 300 words. Articles should be understandable by a broad audience of computer science and engineering professionals, avoiding a focus on theory, mathematics, jargon, and abstract concepts. Accepted papers will be lightly edited for grammar and formatting.


Contact the guest editors at cise-01-21@computer.org.