Frequently Asked Questions

Computing in Science & Engineering is a bimonthly magazine that presents scientific and computational contributions in a clear and accessible format.

1. What is the magazine’s proper name?

The magazine’s full name is Computing in Science & Engineering, but we often use the acronym CiSE.

2. What is CiSE’s focus?

See the About page.

3. How can I read previous content from CiSE?

All previous issues are located on the Computer Society Digital Library.

4. What is the price to subscribe?

Because CiSE is affiliated with two institutions, the cost for subscriptions varies depending on society membership and status. Visit the AIP and IEEE CS subscription pages for all the different pricing structures.

5. How do I change my subscription address?

Again, because CiSE is affiliated with two institutions, the contact information for address changes differs depending on society membership. If you are a member of the AIP, send address changes to If you are a member of the IEEE CS, write to Please allow eight weeks for your address change to take effect.

6. Is CiSE peer reviewed?

Articles for special-issue themes, the general-interest queue, and tracks (such as the Software Engineering track) are peer reviewed. This is to ensure that we don’t publish inaccurate or biased information. Departments and columns, on the other hand, are not peer reviewed.

7. If I am reviewing an article for CiSE, what is expected of me?

Let us know if you think it’s suitable for publication. In particular, is it accurate? Is it properly slanted? Is it too technical? Is it too simplified? Please read our reviewer guidelines. We need your opinion as soon as possible, so let our peer-review administrator know immediately if you’re unavailable (and please suggest an alternate reviewer).

8. How should I submit an article to CiSE?

Please refer to our author guidelines. Authors are encouraged to email a working title and abstract to the EIC or a board member with appropriate expertise to get initial feedback on the suitability of their article for CiSE prior to submitting it.

9. What sort of artwork should I submit with my article?

We like eye-catching, high-quality, color art to illustrate our articles and departments. We generally use electronic files in gif, jpg, tif, and eps formats. It is sometimes necessary to redraw diagrams, but we fully involve the author during that process.

10. When will my article be published?

If your article is scheduled to appear in a special theme issue, we can easily give you a specific publication date. However, if you’re submitting an article for general publication, we’ll have to give you a more approximate publication date. Keep in mind that the review process can take up to four months.

11. How much editing can I expect?

The amount of editing varies from piece to piece. Please read our author guidelines for a full description of how we edit and the style we prefer for articles and departments. When a staff editor is assigned to you, he or she will work closely with you to make sure we achieve a balance between our house style and the way you’d like to present your work.

12. How can I contact the editorial office?

Please send questions or concerns to