As the leading global publisher of information on computer science and related technologies, the IEEE Computer Society provides online and mobile access to more than 30 periodicals and 5,500 conference publications through its extensive Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL). The CSDL’s smooth interface, full-text searchable content, and multi-option browsing functionality ensure rapid search results. Containing 600,000 + authoritative articles by more than a quarter million authors, the CSDL offers cutting-edge, peer-reviewed content and historical archives for students and professionals at all levels.

First launched in 1995, the CSDL established an early successful model for technical content databases, leading to IEEE Xplore five years later. It is a repository of revolutionary computing publications that have impacted the advancement of many application areas such as space exploration, medicine, business processes, cybersecurity, software engineering, and worldwide humanitarian relief endeavors. Featuring the work of experts in a wide range of computing fields, it is not only a key reference point but also a launching pad for new developments, technological advances, and innovative thinking. University, corporate, and subscription-based users have at their fingertips all the latest information as it appears first in the Society’s magazines, transactions, and conference proceedings.

— Lori Cameron