Frequently Asked Questions

IEEE Pervasive Computing is a quarterly magazine, advancing research and practice in mobile and ubitquitous computing in a clear and accessible format.

Who publishes the magazine?
IEEE Pervasive Computing is a publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

What is IEEE Pervasive Computing‘s focus?
IEEE Pervasive Computing is a catalyst for realizing the vision of pervasive (or ubiquitous) computing as described by Mark Weiser nearly a decade ago. This vision aims to create environments where computing and wireless communication are gracefully integrated with human users. With many key pervasive computing building blocks now realized, IEEE Pervasive Computing‘s challenge is to provide a meeting ground for the development and seamless integration of these technologies. (For more information, visit our about IEEE Pervasive Computing page).

How can I get a back issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing?
The price of a hard-copy issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing is $20 if you’re a member of the IEEE Computer Society. The nonmember price is $143. To order, click here or send requests to

IEEE Pervasive Computing
Back Issues/Customer Service
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Is IEEE Pervasive Computing refereed?
Feature articles submitted to IEEE Pervasive Computing go through a peer-review process, in which field specialists and, in some cases, nonspecialists review the submission across multiple criteria. Our goal is to publish accurate, unbiased, and accessible information.

If I am refereeing an article for IEEE Pervasive Computing, what is expected of me?
Your review will help us determine whether the article is suitable for publication. Consider if the article is accurate, properly slanted, too technical, or overly simplified. For more information, see our Reviewer Center. Please submit your review promptly or notify us immediately if you can’t make your assigned deadline.

Can we put a IEEE Pervasive Computing article up on our Web site?
Please review our copyright policies. Send questions and requests to the IEEE Copyrights and Trademarks Manager, William Hagen.

How can I subscribe?
Visit our subscription pages for the pricing structures.

How do I change my subscription address?
Send address changes to or call 1 800 678 IEEE (4333). Please allow eight weeks for your address change to take effect.

How can I contact the editorial office?
Our address is IEEE Pervasive Computing, 10662 Los Vaqueros Circle, Los Alamitos, CA 90720;

How should I submit an article to IEEE Pervasive Computing?
rior to submitting an article, please review our author guidelines. The IEEE Computer Society employs a secure, Web-based manuscript submission and peer-review tracking system called ScholarOne Manuscripts for all article submissions to IEEE Pervasive Computing. See the site for detailed instructions.

What sort of artwork should I submit with my article?
We look for eye-catching, high-quality color art that will help readers better understand your article or department. We accept files in JPEG, TIF, and EPS formats. We also redraw line art and diagrams to provide consistency of style.

When will my article be published?
If your article is part of a special theme issue, you’ll receive a publication date upon acceptence. If your article is accepted for general publication, you’ll initially receive a notice of acceptance, and then a staff editor will notify you when your article is scheduled for publication. Please keep in mind that the review process can take several months.

How much editing can I expect?
The amount of editing varies from piece to piece. Please read our author and editorial guidelines to see our editing philosophy. When a staff editor is assigned to you, he or she will work closely with you to get your article ready for publication.