Call for Theme Issues


Submission deadline: 30 October 2018

IEEE Software solicits theme issue proposals from potential guest editors (GEs). Although anyone can submit a proposal at any time, we’re soliciting proposals so that we can collect a number of theme issues for IEEE Software’s editorial board to discuss. We expect at least one GE from industry and one from academia. We also encourage geographical diversity of the GEs.

Submission and Review

Submit your proposal via EasyChair at Guidelines are at For information on previous issues of IEEE Software, see, under the History menu item.

The theme issue associate editor will perform the initial check of the proposal. If a proposal has potential, the theme issue associate editor will submit it to the IEEE Software editorial and advisory board members for evaluation. Members of the IEEE Software initiatives team might also provide input. The evaluation will be based on technical accuracy, objectivity, balance, GE capability, proposal quality, and relationship to other recent and planned theme issues. On the basis of the board members’ comments, the theme issue associate editor will decide whether the proposal should be accepted, revised, or rejected.

IEEE Computer Society staff and volunteers will set up the schedule for any accepted theme issues.

For More Information

Contact Henry Muccini, or henry.muccini (Skype)

IEEE Software’s Mission

IEEE Software is a peer-reviewed professional magazine with a broad coverage of topics pertaining to software development. Its mission is building the community of leading software practitioners. It delivers reliable, useful, leading-edge software development information to keep engineers and managers abreast of rapid technology change.

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IEEE Software Volunteer Editors

Editor in Chief: Diomidis Spinellis, Athens University of Economics and Business

Incoming Editor in Chief: Ipek Ozkaya, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Theme Issue Associate Editor in Chief: Henry Muccini, University of L’Aquila

Editorial Board:

Advisory Board: