General Submissions

IEEE Software is a peer-reviewed professional magazine with a broad coverage of topics pertaining to software development. We are looking for practitioner-focused articles, columns, and special issue proposals. Summaries of works in progress, what worked for you, and what didn’t are most welcome, as are tutorials and articles accompanied by Web-based demos. Full articles are peer-reviewed and are typically six to seven magazine pages long. Columns are reviewed by department editors only and are typically two pages long.

Articles should be understandable to a broad audience of people interested in software development. The writing should be down to earth, practical, and original. Authors should not assume that the audience will have specialized experience in a particular subfield, and all accepted articles will be edited according to the IEEE Computer Society style guide. Consider providing background materials in sidebars for nonexpert readers. Articles should be no more than 4,700 words, with a maximum of 15 references. (Each figure and table counts as 250 words.) With your submission, provide three actionable insights in bullet format that software practitioners will get from your paper.

To gauge the suitability of an article that you are planning to submit to IEEE Software, you may send your abstract to the editor in chief at

Submit your paper using our online manuscript submission service (uploading instructions available). For more information and instructions on presentation and formatting, visit our Author Resources page.

To suggest a guest-edited special issue, email your idea to the editor in chief or contact an associate editor in your area and inquire about the special issue proposal process.

To contribute to a column or a department, please contact the appropriate department editor. The editors’ bios and contact information are listed on the editorial board page.

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