2016 Reviewers


The articles in IEEE Annals of the History of Computing are the result of hard work by many people. We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone who reviewed the many articles submitted to the magazine last year. The peer review process helps maintain the magazine’s high standard of quality. All of us in the tech history community owe gratitude to the small and dedicated group of people who participate in this crucial service. If you would like to contribute as a reviewer, visit www.computer.org/web/peer-review/magazines to find out how to get involved.
Annals of the History of Computing’s editorial board and staff

Gerard Alberts
Martin Campbell-Kelly
Paul Ceruzzi
Gerardo Con Diaz
James Cortada
Edgar Daylight
Karl de Leeuw
Kevin Driscoll
Helena Durnová
Lori Emerson
Nathan Ensmenger
Anne Fitzpatrick
Thomas Haigh
Ulf Hashagen
David Hemmendinger
Marie Hicks
Hansen Hsu
Timo Leimbach
Per Lundin
Chris McDonald
Thomas Misa
David Nofre
Joseph November
Jae Oh
Allan Olley
Mark Priestley
Valerie Schafer
Corinna Schlombs
Rebecca Slayton
Zbigniew Stachniak
James Sumner
Frank Veraart
David Walden
Benkt Wangler
Alex Wellerstein
Michael Williams