Bruce Potter is CISO at Expel, where he is responsible for cyber risk and ensuring the secure operation of Expel’s services. Previously, Potter co-founded Ponte Technologies (sold to KeyW Corporation). He then served as CTO at KeyW for two years. Before that, Potter was a security consultant at Cigital. In a seemingly previous life, Potter founded the Shmoo Group. To this day, he helps run the annual hacker conference ShmooCon. He has co-authored several books, including 802.11 Security, Aggressive Network Self-Defense, and Host Integrity Monitoring. Potter regularly speaks at DEF CON, Black Hat, and O’Reilly Security conferences. He lives in Maryland with his family.

Potter and host Gary McGraw discuss ShmooCon, the state of software security books, network security trends, hacking back, the relationship between preventative security engineering and operational security, DevOps, the CISO role, and more.